Telemarketing For The Future Of Your IT Company

IT companies, as with any business in any industry, need to be able to produce qualified IT sales leads to keep profits coming in. However, things are increasingly becoming more difficult for IT marketers. The influx of IT related startups is indeed growing the IT market, but it is also attracting businesses hoping to profit from this ever-developing and highly successful industry, making IT lead generation extremely competitive.

It’s no secret that the future will be ruled by information technology. While that future is still a bit far off, IT companies should already take advantage of the opportunity to acquire as much IT sales leads right now, create partnerships and build their brand’s reputation. The cheapest, most reliable and direct way of achieving this is through telemarketing.

There are plenty of critics that proclaim the end of telemarketing; the presence of mobile internet devices such as smartphones and iPads as a barrier against telemarketers are cited as a clear sign of this end. However, it should be noted that although the global mobile penetration rate is 85%, the global internet penetration rate is only about 32.7%, which means more people still rely on traditional communication channels compared to online communication. Furthermore, telemarketing itself is evolving. Cold calling campaigns are more targeted, which means irrelevant leads are no longer bothered and conversion rates are higher. IT telemarketing, particularly for IT lead generation and IT appointment setting, is highly beneficial especially for b2b companies.

Although the quantity of IT sales leads is important, IT companies should never forget to nurture existing clients and consumers. The goal is to prepare for the future where technology is everything, and the company who knows how to value its IT clients will definitely stay for a long time.