The Big Players In The Future Of Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is set to usher in a new age of outsourcing, and the competition for IT sales leads will only increase despite the fact that IT services will continue to be in high demand in the future. Outsourcing processes of the future will revolve around Software-as-a-service (SaaS) and cloud computing, and technology leads for these services will abound. Lead generation service providers will benefit greatly by specializing in IT lead generation and affiliating with cloud computing service providers. Aside from SaaS and cloud, other technology-focused leads that are bound to increase are: ISP leads, IT consulting leads and web hosting leads.

There is a large possibility that the leading IT and cloud service provider of the future will originate from Europe or the United Kingdom. A venture firm is rumored to be eyeing European cloud computing firms as the main focus for its funding. Notion Capital has already accumulated $100 million in b2b venture funds reserved specifically for cloud computing and SaaS companies. More b2b marketing will be needed by IT companies to generate IT sales leads as more and more cloud service providers are sponsored by this new venture firm.

Meanwhile, Indian companies Tata and Wipro will nonetheless strive to maintain global dominance. Among the Asian countries, China is beginning to look the most attractive for IT sales leads. In Australia, China is emerging as the leading IT service provider. VanceInfo Technologies, the Chinese ITO provider, has already proven its credentials with high profile clients such as Telstra, Microsoft, Citibank and the Victorian Government. Lead generation service providers should already expect the bulk of the demand for technology sales leads to originate from Indian, Chinese, UK and European IT service companies.