The Modern Marketer

The Binary Nature of your Friendly Neighborhood B2B Marketer

Superheroes lead dual lives. While maintaining a day job (usually) as journalists or any other nerdy occupation, they manage to spring into action at the desperate voice of a kidnapped damsel or a cat up a tree.


Just like superheroes, superstar B2B marketers have two distinct personas. Like Batman needs his billionaire, playboy, philanthropist visage to his clandestine role as the caped crusader, B2B marketers also need an artistic side to go with their scientific roles in attracting potential buyers.


Here is an infographic by Salesforce that better illustrate the character of a great marketer.

The Modern Marketer

These roles include:

The Artist

Written Content
Inbound marketing has become the go-to strategy for modern marketers, putting a premium on writing skill.

Visual Assets
Visual content grabs consumers’ attention, making it a valuable marketing resource.

Social Media
Social Media has changed the way marketers interact with consumers, making managing digital relationships an important skill.

Email Marketing
Email remains the workhorse of most modern marketing departments. Best practices and design remain essential skills for marketers.

The Scientist

Performance Tracking
Marketing can no longer afford to be cost center and the modern marketer should track all marketing activities and campaigns.

With more responsibility and fewer resources, marketers must be expert in budgeting operations.

Marketers need to be data experts, able to see major trends and important takeaways in a mass of data at a glance.

Campaign Performance
Using tools like Salesforce to understand campaign performance is an essential skill for the modern marketer.


Are your marketing activities in distress? It seems like you’ll need a hero in a lead generation and appointment setting company.


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