The Five Kinds Of Sales Leads Complainers In Your IT Consulting Business

5 Kinds Of Sales Leads Complainers In Your IT Consulting Business

The Five Kinds Of Sales Leads Complainers In Your IT Consulting Business

Getting complaints is part and parcel of your IT consulting business, be it from IT sales leads or from your current customers. It is how you handle such complaints that make all the difference in your marketing efforts. Actually, this is the true measure of your IT lead generation efforts. If you can effectively answer the questions raised against you by B2B leads, then you will be able to succeed in your business. Now, there are different kinds of complainers that you can encounter. Some may carry shades of two or three, but there are only five major categories that you have to remember.

First on the list are the meek ones. These are the types of business prospects that rarely make complaints. Still, these are people that you should not ignore, ever. If you push them to the edge, well, they can evolve into other, worse, types of complainers that you do not want to face. So, while things are looking good, get to the bottom of their problem. Solve their complaints, and get the job done. They will be happy.

Second in the list would be the aggressive ones. Really, they are the complainers that can be a real pain for the B2B appointment setting specialist who has the bad luck of encountering them. They can be very loud and are very intolerant over excuses, and are pretty much the last people you want to deal with. Still, if you can control the situation, let your prospects know that you can handle it, then you will be able to save the deal. There is no doubt about it. Anyway, you just need to know how to handle things. If they are happy, then they might become your best customers.

Third, we have the big spenders. From the description, you can see that these are the people that you have to take care very well. Since they are spending a lot, they expect to only the best. These are the people who are willing to pay a premium just to get excellent product or services. They are more interested in what you have to offer them, often ignoring everything else just to get what they want.

Fourth, we have what we call the opportunists. These are the people who you will find to be very hard to please. Actually, they just want to get more from you than what they actually deserve. Your best defense against these kinds of people is to use numbers to back up your statements. Once confronted by hard evidence, they often agree to what you offer them. It might be useful to push the question back to them when they state their dissatisfaction. Ask them what you can do to make it better.

Lastly, we have what we call the chronic ones. Now, these are the people that can make the life of your IT telemarketing team really difficult. They are the ones that complain all the time, always finding fault in what you do or say. And the worst thing here is that they would use all available channels for them to vent their displeasure. Still, if you deliver what you promise them, these complainers are actually good customers, willing to pay as long as you deliver.