The Impact of a Successful IT Lead Generation Campaign

If an IT lead generation campaign has been deemed successful, it can contribute greatly to the technology company’s financial growth. Ever since the 1990’s, technology has played a vital role in today’s economy. A research that has been made by Michael Freoli, a research analyst, states that:

A consensus has emerged regarding the acceleration in productivity that occurred in the late 1990’s. Two points that have found widespread agreement are:

  • Information technology contributed significantly to the productivity revival. At least half of the one-percentage point increase in labor productivity growth is attributable to IT. In all likelihood the contribution from IT is even greater than this conservative estimate.
  • Both the production and use of IT has had an impact on the productivity revival.

These results imply that the New Economy thesis, when applied to the historical experience, has a sound empirical foundation.”

It is with these reasons that lead generation for IT companies is highly beneficial for both the business and with today’s economy. To gain a better chance of achieving success from the campaign, it is highly recommended to outsource to an IT telemarketing firm.

With the aid of these firms, IT leads can be generated effectively with the use of their expertise over the targeted market, the information technology industry, and with today’s economy.