The One Sentence That Will Get You IT Sales Leads

The One Sentence That Will Get You IT Sales Leads

Generating IT sales leads is no joke. You might have to contact a lot of lead generation prospects, conduct numerous telemarketing campaigns, not to mention facing a lot of rejections. As if it is not enough, you also have to come up with a marketing message that will get the attention of your prospects. Sounds intimidating, right? But it does not have to be like that. To tell you the truth, all you need is one sentence to get their business.

Yes, only one sentence. And it is all about your prospects in appointment setting.

Let us face it; no one really wants to know about your company. All your prospects care about would be the benefits they can get from you. And this is where we tackle the problem. How do craft that one sentence which will garner their attention? Simply put, you just focus your marketing pitch on them. That will actually do the trick. Focus on the benefits they can get from you, and you will get the B2B leads you are looking for.

Here is an example you can use;

“Businesses hire Consolidated Amalgamate to create new products for them, as well as marketing these new products and their current product lines. Because we actively research our target markets and provide quality products, we have generated over $3 billion in additional revenue for our clients in just one year.”

See? Read it again and tell me if these words fail to entice you.

Really, if you focus your lead generation campaign into answering ‘what will I benefit from this?’ question of potential sales leads, you can increase success in your marketing efforts.