IT Lead Generation in a Nutshell

The Perks of an Outsourced IT Lead Generation in a Nutshell

For IT businesses, there’s a tug of war between surpassing competitors and growing market share.

Hence, running your own marketing campaign implies innumerous days for trial and error as well as additional workloads and expenses for in-house employees. To be in the technology industry, where pacing is just a blink of an eye, you need to focus in improving your products and services. In order to have an edge over market rivals, you have to distribute your resources evenly.

Successful IT companies make it simpler by relying on their marketing processes to third party companies because they see perks in it.

Here’s our friendly anthropomorphic computer, Elly, elaborating the points where outsourcing your lead generation to a third party becomes a must for IT and Software Companies:


IT Lead Generation in a Nutshell


Here’s the full transcript:

Just what are the benefits?

Getting to the gist – Technology companies get a huge boost through lead generation because it allows for the creation of tailor-fitted marketing strategies for IT and software products needed by specific segments of the market. For a concise example, blogging can help increase lead volume by about 64 percent a month. 

Better quality leads – About 61 percent of B2B marketers regard lead quality as a primary challenge. As an effective remedy to this, being able to focus their efforts on ideal clients enables companies to swell their sales funnels with high-quality leads which of course translate to.

Higher conversion rates – Lead generation is all about accuracy, allowing you to zero in on potential sales prospects that are sure to end up offering a contract. 

Reliable analytics – Numbers are basically a big deal in mapping out your marketing process. This, in turn, helps in determining areas of opportunity and improvement. 

Effective time-saving – It’s been revealed that 72% of leads are not ready for sales and may needlonger time to nurture until they become hot. Using effective lead management, you don’t have to worry about following up on your leads as these are automatically fed into your CRM where a proficient team systematically scores and qualifies contacts. This way, you can save a lot of time and be able to meet your revenue goals for the prevailing period faster.

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What are the top five lead generation channels? (According to Venture Harbour)

Email – 87% (Image: An envelope with a cursor on its corner)

Online registrations and opt-ins – 70% (Online fill form)

Social networks – 68% (Laptop screen with the logos of facebook, twitter, etc.)

Content marketing – 67% (Infographics and slideshows)

Trade shows and conferences – 62% (Guy standing before a large crowd and presenting a new product)



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