Evolution of Linkbuilding

The Search Evolution: Link Building to Link Earning

Way back 2000 to 2006, SEO was all about exchanging and buying links and directory submissions. As Google aims to provide the best and relevant search results for its users, SEO strategies must conform to certain guidelines. However Google spammers didn’t stop to exploit the algorithm, formulating tricks to manipulate the king of all the search engines.

It didn’t take long when manual penalties were passed and had affected many websites. Bad experience truly shaped Google to become wiser and bolder. Now the golden rule was imposed, if you don’t do white hat then do white hat. If you still choose the unethical way, your efforts will just be wasted.

It was just the latter that SEO peeps realized that link building was actually about ‘earning‘ and only those who keep up with the changes stays.

A nicely crafted infographic from globe runner illustrates the evolution.

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  • https://freelancers-hub.com/ ShovonJoarder | SEO Freelancer

    Wonderful infographic I must say. I collected this from Pinterest few months back. Now, I wish to use the inforgraphic on my next blog post so looking for the original source so that I can give the credit. Through Google image search, I found it shred on Google Plus, from there I found this page. Did you take permission from the GlobeRunner before use it on your blog.

    If the permission is not required, then I wish to use it on my blog. Your advise will be highly appreciated. Thanks

    • http://it-sales-leads.com/ Barbara McKinney

      Hi Shovon,

      As long as you mention the source of the infographic, you can use it with no worries.

      • https://freelancers-hub.com/ ShovonJoarder | SEO Freelancer

        Hi Barbara,

        Many thanks for your suggestion. I contacted with the Globe Runner and get permission to use it on my blog. Yes, I also mention the source in my post. Thanks for your suggestion.

        By the way, you got a nice blog. I also enjoyed another post on your blog i.e. 3 ways to generate leads using social media. I really like the idea of 1 min video. Anyway, keep up the good work and I hope to visit your blog again when you share again any online marketing related post. :)