This 2015, Make Knowledge and Innovation Central

This 2015, Make Knowledge and Innovation Central

This 2015, Make Knowledge and Innovation Central

The year 2014 is aptly remembered as a year of numerous business possibilities. Online trends were sprouting like mushrooms here and there; B2B customers were relying heavily on social media for purchasing solutions; and marketing automation was at its prime. And as we have gone through 2015, we see it remains.

For the B2B marketer, it is important to set one’s mind on attaining optimal lead generation results for the year by leveraging these opportunities. To do that requires a marketing strategy that is dynamic in terms of attracting potential clients and consistent in that it generates a steady stream of qualified B2B sales leads.

Whether you are a small B2B enterprise or a Forbes 500 corporation, building an effective lead generation and appointment setting platform is one way to venture into 2015.


How, you ask?



The modern B2B buyer is highly integrated in the online biosphere. There are numerous channels through which he can search for solutions that effectively fit his needs. In effect, he is bombarded left and right by an enormous amount of content. The resulting noise makes difficult any effort to engage him with your own assortment of content.

Rather than become a part of the noise, become a sort of relief as a thought leader. Online, it is a battle of quantity as most B2B companies post an enormous amount of content that touches on common issues. A thought leader on the other hand offers insightful opinions on sometimes neglected topics.

Perhaps, the perks of functioning as a thought-leader include reinforcing your campaign. Nothing attracts prospects more than a company that is serious to the core, that knows the B2B landscape well enough to provide effective advice.

I found this article How Thought Leadership Can Boost It Lead Generation by Vivien Reyes which only proves how essential thought leadership to marketing is.

Building your authority in the IT market might be a lot complicated than other industries. They say that to understand a geek you must become one. In dealing with IT experts and professionals, you must master their language.

Innovative automation.

Thought-leadership goes well with an effective multi-channel B2B marketing platform. The year 2015 will be highlighted by the prevalence of marketing automation software. And with marketing budgets set to grow, maximizing one’s lead management and CRM expenses remains an imperative.

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But more important than simply having automated marketing process is innovation. You can utilize your marketing platform to go outside the bounds of mere email send-outs. Improvements should be made in terms on handling individual prospects from the first contact to a sales appointment. In this respect, it is important to try out new marketing tools and explore other channels as well.

These key factors will surely make your lead generation experience for the year a worthwhile venture.


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