Three Bad IT Telemarketing Habits You Should Never Do

As an IT business, you would want to be sure that you reach your prospects in the most professional way possible. You do not want bad press to ruin your sales operation. This is especially true if you are using IT appointment setting. While it is true that working with an expert IT telemarketing team is beneficial to your performance, you need to be careful that the people who call on the phone are professional enough to follow some calling etiquette. It will do you and your business good if you can avoid some bad practices of some IT telemarketers whenever they are on the phone. The three main mistakes are:

1. Calling prospects too late in a day – you are supposed to call prospects between 9am to 6pm. Later than that, and you will earn their ire (not to mention losing valuable IT sales leads).

2. Failing to give out their name and company – that is the epitome of rudeness. A sensible telemarketing representative will give out his name and that of the company that he works for, not to mention the purpose of his call (which is the most important part, right?).

3. Using fax for telemarketing – if there is anything that irritates people with fax machines, it is receiving a telemarketing message through fax. Not only is this a waste of paper, it is also a waste of time.

Of course, these hassles, not to mention many others, can be avoided if you hire a credible IT lead generation firm that will get you good IT leads. It is a good investment.