Three IT Leads Strategies When Prospects Do Not Believe You

One of the biggest challenges faced by marketers in the initial IT lead generation call is how to get business prospects to believe that you are the real deal, that what you offer will help their business grow. It can be a sure headache for introducing their company to prospects for the first time. A badly-timed delivery and explanation of what your business is and what you offer will ultimately not get you the IT leads that you so desire. Despite this handicap, there are three tricks that you can use to earn the trust of business prospects, ultimately turning them into qualified B2B leads. But what are these steps?

  1. Do not praise yourself – just as what you can expect from bashing the products or services of your competition, praising your own products or services is something that turns-off business prospects, too. So really, on your initial telemarketing call, please refrain from doing so.
  2. Help them, really help them – one way to prove to your business prospects that you are a reliable business company is by actually help them (without asking for payment at all). Be sure that the information, tips, and methods that you share with your prospects will work for them.
  3. Be honest (even if it is bad for business) – despite your desire to generate IT leads from your appointment setting work, if you see that what the prospects need is something you cannot provide, be honest with them and move on.

Do these, and you can be sure to be successful in your IT lead generation campaign.