Three Reasons You Fail In Telemarketing Product Description

There are a lot of things that you should never do wrong in telemarketing. One of these is product descriptions. Think about it, when you are not able to articulate what exactly your offering your prospects, you will fail in generating sales leads. This is bad, especially if you want IT consulting leads. In today’s highly competitive information technology market, you need to sell yourself well if you want to gain sales leads. One way to do that is by giving better product descriptions. While there are many tips offered for use in your B2B lead generation and appointment setting campaign, you just need to remember these three points:

  1. Make your prospects the main character – a good story needs a hero and you need to make the prospect a hero. Your business is just a side character the hero needs in order to reach his goals.
  2. Use simpler terms – jargon and complex terms are a no-no when conducting a B2B lead generation campaign. Your aim is to introduce your product in a way that can be easily and quickly understood by prospects.
  3. Use of hyperbole – terms like ‘cutting edge’, ‘beat the competition’, and others may add excitement to your pitch, but only a desperate idiot would use that. If you want to add credibility and clarity to your telemarketing calls, avoid such and similar terms.

The medium of communication used is also important. If you want to be sure your prospects get your message, then you really have to use telemarketing services to help you in generating IT consulting leads.