Three Ways to Lower your IT Lead Costs

Three Ways to Lower your IT Lead Costs

Three Ways to Lower your IT Lead Costs

Just like businesses in any other industry, companies selling IT and software products are always aiming to realize expansion. In order to achieve this, they will need to generate enough qualified IT leads that can easily end in a close. This is only possible through a perfectly implemented IT lead generation campaign.

Companies should always focus on efficiency and profitability in acquiring leads. Having the right infrastructure and lead nurturing tools are especially expedient in this case, but companies should also highlight lowering the average cost of acquiring a lead.

Generating high-priced leads is considered counter-effective because IT companies often end up in a difficult position of making up for the high costs. With their revenue goals threatened, these companies will have to underpin their lead generation using cost-saving ways.

Do you belong with these companies? Do you want better revenue gains? Do you want to direct your marketing the right way without losing more than you can actually gain from business opportunities?

Then, the list below will definitely guide you in pulling lead costs down and push your profits through the roof!

Focus on digital and inbound

Traditional outbound demand generation still persists but is gradually losing steam due to its expensiveness. Today, businesses (especially of the small and medium variety) are utilizing digital channels such as social media to penetrate more audience touch points without incurring extra expenditures. Additionally, using inbound strategies like whitepapers and blog marketing can save up to 13% in overall cost per lead, says HubSpot.

Optimize your PPC campaign

Are you using Google Adwords? We know what you’re thinking: It’s the closest marketers can get to experiencing hell. Perhaps, the compelling challenge with pay-per-click or PPC is that it has to be constantly monitored and modified to provide a steady stream of leads. Improving this campaign requires harmonizing applicable keywords with effective landing pages. This is mainly done by implementing keywords with high convertibility and using web analytics tools to determine general buyer behaviors. Doing these strategies can at least reduce extra costs of online ads and improve sales lead quality.

Telemarket your way to better revenue

Though an outbound strategy, lead generation telemarketing for IT is still effective owing to the ever present desire for personal business dialogue. Prospects have a higher chance to commit through a direct engagement, so it is wise to include IT telemarketing in your marketing mix. To bring costs per lead further down, you can resort to hiring a IT lead generation company that has the experience – and the tools to go with it – in turning cold leads to hot sales prospects in a jiffy.


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