Two Ways The Internet Can Make Your Company Look Bad

Ever thought that the beauty of the internet in communication can be your undoing? Yes, despite all the touted benefits of getting faster access to information, this same advantage can be our downfall if you are not careful enough. It can heavily affect our ability in getting IT consulting leads from prospects and clients, which is an incredibly unfavorable situation considering how important it is to get these IT leads. It can add complications to your IT appointment setting campaign. You do not need another source of headaches for your IT telemarketing lead generation campaigns. But what are these things that you might end up doing wrong in your business, making you look bad?
  1. The awkward URLs – sometimes, we read our company’s web URL one way, but others will see it the other way. Take for example the organization Who Represents’ website ( Go ahead, use your imagination and you will see the picture.
  2. Lost in translation – sometimes, translating a word or using a word in another country can produce embarrassing results, like the Touch Woody fiasco of Panasonic, the Totes umbrella in Germany, and the Fartfull naming of Ikea.
You do not want that to happen to your business, so it is to your advantage to be careful over these things.