7 Proven Hacks to Lift Up Your Website’s Productivity

7 Proven Hacks to Lift Up Your Website’s Productivity

7 Proven Hacks to Lift Up Your Website’s Productivity

Every business – be it small or large – want their website to climb high when it comes on generating leads but unfortunately, most of the websites are not designed such. If yours is among the websites that are not productive enough, don’t lose heart. You still have a chance to improve for the good.

Here’s a list of 7 things that you can implement to enhance the productive power of your website with the very starting moment:

1)    Mobile-Friendliness is huge

The gap between mobile users and desktop users is widening as people are shifting towards the mobile trend. Hence, you should deliver the mobile users a wonderful website experience to pick up the potential amount of mobile traffic and transform them into leads. Also, you can enhance your brand’s online visibility with a mobile-friendly website. Getting a mobile-friendly website is often an affordable solution too, depending upon the design and platform preferences.

2)    Prominent option to contact

Let your brand be big and bold on the top of every single page of your website, and for mobile view, place an interactive call icon on the top. Willing prospects, especially the mobile users, will want to make a call rather than wasting time to fill a form. Everything should be super easy for them to through.

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3)    Forms should be simple and easily navigable

Links to inquiry forms or contact-us forms should be appropriately given on all the pages because there’s nothing certain about user’s visit while exploring your website. Keep the number of requisite fields to a minimum, and the field boxes should be big enough to make entries easy on the mobile phones. Remember, the basic idea is to make everything easier for the visitors.

4)    Your site should be backed with solid SEO strategy

Before making any investment on SEO, be sure that your website is compatible enough to endorse a campaign. Most prominently, provide a unique title tag of important keywords to every page, keep the structure of navigation clear, make sure that entire content is unique and rewarding, and let your developer run a diagnostics test to identify and troubleshoot the core technical SEO issues.

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5)     Write constructive and valuable content

Your content should focus on your motto or the valuable solutions you can offer to your customers through your products and services. Whenever a visitor stumbles upon your website, they want to quickly find out the thing that they’re looking for, and if they find one, why you’re the best option to go for. You have to make all this quick; if visitors will not get their answers within seconds, they will rather move to your competitor’s website.

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6)    Make use of unique images

Say no to the stock images as they can steal your brand’s impression. Instead, be more creative and showcase the professional pictures of your staff, facilities or vicinity etc, if possible. This reflects the real and personal image of your image that attracts leads.

7)    Monitor the analytics and improve

Finally, don’t take the website analytics lightly. Monitor the visitors’ movement. You may need to improve the content, images or other media to enhance the visibility of the page. It is often said that pages with long view times can turn up more leads. Analysing your user’s behaviour at every step will help to transform your website into a lead generating machine. It might be time-consuming, but a complete worth.


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Working as Sr. Web Designer at WDX, Kristy Bernales is a detail-oriented professional. Her designs bespoke the innate creative skills and pursuit of excellence she has. Nature is the best companion to her to spend the weekend time with.


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