Why IT Companies Say List Buying is Bad…And Why They Can Be Wrong!

Why IT Companies Say List Buying is Bad…And Why They Can Be Wrong!

IT companies put a lot of effort in marketing their products and services for a diverse range of uses. They primarily depend on email and good old fashioned cold-calling to reach out to potential clients. One good reason is that these channels are just too darn effective.

Email, for one, secures and maintains conversion rates higher than what social media offers. With that, it’s safe to assume that email marketing is the best way to do a lot of outreach. But even if you do have a target audience in mind, knowing where exactly to get them is one matter that you need to address.

For IT companies that are all too concerned about acquiring large numbers of sales leads faster, they have two options on the table: They can either go for creating opt-in lists from scratch or buying lists from a service provider.

Without a doubt, these companies will go for the first option, which is to generate their own database of names and addresses. Moreover, they can tell you a lot about buying email lists, most of which aren’t really pretty.

So, what makes email lists from a service provider so unappealing? Well, we have these reasons:

#1. Unreliability.

Much of the contacts are just plain bad and may as well hurt your email deliverability, increase bounce rates, and cost you a lot in terms of missed opportunities.

#2. Good contacts are not for sale.

Some service providers will give out lists with contacts that are sub par while keeping the good ones reserved for the highest bidder.

#3. A high chance of getting flagged as spam.

And we’re not talking about cans of deliciously preserved meat. Sending emails to invalid email addresses or, worse, to people who wouldn’t want to opt in in the first place can get your messages a one-way ticket to spamville.

We can go on with more horror stories related to purchasing email lists. But these only fail to understand the actual advantages that such lists have over generating one yourself.

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It’s true that creating your own list from opt-ins sounds like a good idea. But you can always see something as advantageous in getting one from a lead provider. It all depends on the enterprise that provides you with these lists. Choosing the best provider can give you the following benefits:

#1. Saves you a lot of money and time.

Let’s face it, list building is one thing you cannot master overnight. A good lead generation company would spend a considerable amount of resources in creating a list just for you, saving you the trouble of you would normally from building a list yourself.

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#2. Technical expertise.

Again, list building requires a LOT of skill. And we’re not just talking about looking for names just to fill the call quota. A highly capable lead generation company has exactly the expertise to manage your contacts.

#3. Quality leads.

Sure, purchasing leads gets a bad rap from the IT sector, but only when they are provided by a company that doesn’t have the capacity in data validation. To be sure about the lead quality, you only need to look towards companies that have a steadfast system for filtering out unwanted data.

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