Why You Can’t Execute Your Plans

You may have a really swell plan for your information technology business, and it is one that can have a great, positive impact on your IT appointment setting campaign. But you seem to be having a hard time executing it. This might be a real mystery for you, and a crucial one at that, since this can affect your IT leads generation. You must be doing something wrong. And if you are doing something wrong, it is bad news for you. For example, if you have plans on using IT telemarketing, any delay can cause you to lose potential IT consulting leads for your company. So what could you be doing wrong?

  1. Clueless about making decisions – decisions is something serious, especially if you are about to make an important step. It might make you nervous.  You might end up canceling or trying to postpone it at a later date.
  2. Micromanaging too much – it has a lot to do with how you lead people. If you focus too much on everyone, interfering with their work, then you are dampening their enthusiasm to work more.
  3. You act before you think – rushing to do something has never been shown to produce good results. Basically speaking, you are just inviting disaster from errors in your decision-making.
  4. Wearing everyone out on the job – are you giving everyone too much work? Sure, that might increase productivity in the short run. But the long-term morale is going to suffer.

So, do you now have a better picture now?